Kaitlyn pics, Page 20! (Mar/April 2007)
Here you go Joey! (I love playing with Joey when he bites his toys, and not my arms!!)   :-)                                     3/2/07
On 3/11/07 it was actually warm enough to get outside - it's not quite Spring yet, but we're getting closer.....click here to see a video that shows how excited I was to play outside!! (you'd think I was on a sugar buzz, but nope, just Spring fever!)
On St Patrick's Day, 3/17/07, (I'm wearing my green!), Grandpa came over to babysit, and he brought me ice cream and cones, and sprinkles too - they were my favorite part!! (Thanks, Papa! And special thanks for taking these pictures too)  :-)
Sorry Joey, even your cute puppy face won't get you any sprinkles!
Hopefully Joey won't attack me down here - all the sugar wore off and I could use a little nap! :-)
AAAAAHHH!! He found me!!! So much for my nap.....
(time for more ice cream!)
On 3/25/07 it was warm enough to play outside again, and I took Joey for a walk!
Joey really liked his walk, can you tell??
We even got to take my bike (from Santa) out for the very first time, woohoo!! But, I'm still not sure how to ride it yet.....click here to see how I do it (what the heck are the pedals for anyway?? :-)
By 3/28/07 it was even warm enough for shorts, yay! (It's cooled off again, but it was nice while it lasted) :-) We took Joey for a walk again this day, it was fun...and yep, that's a Snow White tattoo on my arm (temporary of course)...there's a chance I might get to see her in person in 2008!! (I'm crossing my fingers!!) :-)
On 4/5/07 we colored Easter eggs - it was really fun! :-)
I helped paint glitter on them, and put stickers on....these ones were my favorites.....
On 4/6/07 my Mommy tried to take my cousin Dyna and me to see the Easter Bunny - we only saw him from a distance, but we still had a great time!!
The next day, 4/7/07, was my Daddy's birthday (HBD Daddy!!), and Mommy and I baked him marble brownies...I was a big help...mostly in eating them, hee hee....
It's 4/8/07 - Happy Easter! And YAY, even though I didn't get to sit on his lap, the Easter Bunny still brought me a basket, and a chocolate bunny....woohoo!
After that we went up to visit Great-Grandma, and the "other" Easter Bunny (Grandpa/Papa) gave me this huge purple stuffed bunny - I just love it!!!! :-) (Thanks Papa! And thanks for taking this pic)
Great-Grandma even let me play with this little toy bunny....I carried it all around, I thought it was so cute :-)
What's up doc?? I'm so silly....  ;-) 
(I got these from Grandpa for Easter, aren't they funny? Thanks, Papa!)                             4/12/07
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