Kaitlyn pics, page 21! (May/June 2007)
I put on the outfit the Easter Bunny brought me - I'm a movie star!! (even trying to hide my face from the "paparazzi")  :-)
On 5/5/07 we went over to Grandpa's to celebrate his birthday (HBD Papa!!), and I made sure everyone got a cupcake (especially me, I got two, hee hee!)
On 5/6/07 I took my "car" for a walk, it was hard work! :-)
For Mother's Day this year, I let Grandpa come over to babysit me, while Daddy took Mommy out to dinner. Papa and I had ice cream, and went to the park - it was so much fun!! (Thanks, Papa, and for taking this pic!)
I got a new swing on 5/18/07, and I thought it was "a little bit scary", but I sure didn't stay off of it for long, hee hee...
On Saturday, 5/19/07, I went to the ZOO! for the very first time, woohoo!! Mommy, Daddy, and Papa, went with me, and here are some pics and movies from the day.....it was awesome :-)
First, I rode a baby manatee....
....then a real live pony (named 'Domino', he was so cute!)
Hmmm....worried faces....probably means I shouldn't be climbing on this part....oh well...tee hee....
I thought the flamingoes were so pretty, I just had to get one of my own.....I named her "Flo Flamingo" -  click here to see a clip of me with her ;-)
Oh man, this moose ate me!!!! Silly moose....you're a vegetarian, and I'm not a plant!
We went to the manatee display, but they were kinda shy.....this stingray wasn't though, he came right up to the glass to say 'hi'! :-)    (Thanks Papa, for taking this pic!)
And at the end of the day we had my favorite snack - pink cotton candy! (That's why my lips are all pink, of course!) Click here to see a  clip of me with it! :-)
For Memorial Day, 5/28/07, I decided to wade in my new pool - it's not fully assembled yet, but still fun! (And I got new boats for it from Grandpa - thanks, Papa!!)
Aww mann, it's all fun and games until I slip in my new pool and get my clothes all wet!!!!!
Ahhhh...a swimsuit...that's MUCH better!! (And cooler!) :-)
And what's even cooler than that...sharing a grape popsicle with Joey - here ya go, boy! ('Purple' is our favorite, hee hee....)
On 6/3/07 Joey and I had a blast chasing bubbles coming out of our new "Monster Bubble Belly Party Machine" (yes that's the actual name!!) that Grandpa got for us... (thanks, Papa!) :-)
Whew, all that running around is tiring....Joey and I shared a popsicle to perk us up!
Guess what - on June 8, 2007 I got to go to my first real amusement park (and not just a Fair)....
click here to go to the pics page from that day! :-)
By June 14th, my new pool was all set up and ready to go, woohoo! I can't wait to go swimming....
Here I am trying to "swim" - kinda looks like how Joey would swim, if he were allowed in the pool with me! Click here to see a clip of me "swimming" :-)
It's Sunday, June 17th - Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!! I'm only brave enough to stand on the swing like this, cause he's right there to catch me! :-) It was hot out today, so we went swimming too....
....and even though Joey's not allowed in the pool, somehow he still got soaked!! (It's amazing what range squirt guns have, tee hee hee....)
And to cool off after swimming, swinging, sliding, and playing in my new sandbox....what else - a popsicle!! Mmmm.....refreshing.....
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