Welcome to my
2014 page!
It's 12/24/14, Christmas Eve,
and it's tradition to have
dinner at the Hunan House, I
love their sesame chicken!!
It's also tradition for me to open a
present on Christmas Eve, I got a
blue Snackeez cup, and some self
sealing water balloons, woohoo!
Our tree is ready for Santa!
After we looked at lights, I made
sure to hang the key on the door
so Santa could get in ;-)
Before bed I put out my snacks for Santa
and the reindeer - cookies, candies, egg
nog, donuts (thanks Papa!) and some
carrots and apples for the reindeer :-)
Zero days until Christmas - IT'S
And all the goodies are gone, yippee!
Look how stuffed my stocking is!
Those are all from Santa, and all for ME!!
Look at all the great stuff in my stocking!!!
And my presents were awesome too,
including new "Lego Friends" sets!!
This is how excited I was by all my new gifts!! ;-)
And under our 'downstairs' Christmas tree,
I got another new adoption - an arctic fox!!
He's so cute, I just love him :-)
Later that day, Papa came over and gave
me some super amazing presents - all of
this was in my stocking from him!!! :-)
And he gave me some incredible gifts too,
including the Lego Friends High School set, and
the Lego Friends Mall!!! I wanted those sooooo
much!! Thank you Papa!!! (You're awesome) :-)
It was a fantastic day!!
It's New Year's Day, so that means it's
Time to toast the New Year with a
refreshing glass of fruit punch, tee hee!!
And I got a new dress too, look what
it does when I spin, wheeee ;-)
It was another AMAZING holiday season,
special thanks to Santa, Mommy, Daddy,
Papa, and everyone, for everything this year!!
(And also to Papa for coming over on
Christmas and New Year's) :-)

This is my last set of 'holiday' pages, but it's
been fun and I hope you've liked them all!!
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