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It's almost Christmas, and that means it's time to make a Gingerbread house!! :-)
We had a 'kit' this year, but we also added our own figures and candies, it was cool, best one yet! Hee hee...
Christmas Eve at the Hunan House! I had the sesame chicken, it was yummy! :-)
We bought a brand new Christmas tree this year - this is it!!
We actually ended up buying two trees this year (long story, ask Mommy), and this was the first one we got, but it ended up in the basement - it's pretty though, right?? :-)
Two trees meant we had to get a new 'skirt' for our "upstairs" Christmas tree that says "Merry Christmas" :-)
On Christmas Eve, we always drive around looking at Christmas lights - this is our house!
And these are our 'Mommy deer' and 'Baby deer', I just love them :-)
I hung our 'magic' key from the door so Santa could get in!
This is our "upstairs tree" from the outside, and the sign says just one more day until Christmas, YAY!!!
And I sprinkled our 'reindeer feed' on the lawn, just in case!! I can't wait for Santa to get here!! :-)
Since it's Christmas Eve, I get to open a gift (or 2) tonight, and I got a new 'Pomeranian' notepad, and a new 'Spyrograph', cool!!
I also put out my cookies for Santa, and also eggnog, and 'fruit salad' for the reindeer, plus a couple of donuts too (thanks, Papa!!), tee hee!!
It's 12/25/13 - CHRISTMAS MORNING, WOOHOO!!!!!! I'm way more excited than I look here, tee hee hee....
And my stocking looks full, that means Santa must have been here, YAY!!!!
Santa and his reindeer ate all the goodies I left, awesome!!
Yes!! He was here!! Look at all the presents he left me!!!
My stocking really WAS full - all of this was in it!!! :-)
And Santa brought me some awesome presents! Including this Lego Dolphin Cruiser, woohoo!!
He also got me the Monster High doll that I asked for - Twyla!! :-)
And under our "downstairs" tree was a gift from Mommy and Daddy - an Emporer Penguin chick that we adopted - so cute!!
Later that day, Papa came over and brought me another stocking, and it was full too, woohoo!!
He also brought me a bunch of cool presents, including this 'wolf' painting kit, it was awesome, thanks Papa!! :-)
It's New Year's Day, January 1st, and the year is
And New Year's Day means it's time to celebrate by popping some party poppers!!
And snapping some party snappers!!!
         Happy Hew Year!!! :-)
It was an amazing holiday season!! Thank you to EVERYONE for everything!!! And as always....
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