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In late November, we took pictures for the Christmas cards - these are a few of the shots that didn't quite make the cut, but I liked 'em anyway!
I love posing with Chloe, she's the best prop, hee hee!
Joey really wanted to be in a picture too :-)
On December 14th, 2012, I went to the 'Nutcracker' ballet for the very first time - I even got my own nutcracker signed by one of the dancers! :-)
On Christmas Eve day, we baked cookies for Santa :-)
I also got to do one of my new glitter tattoos that the Birthday Fairy got me, I chose this doggie paw ;-)
Later that day, I took two of my new Monster High dolls to the Hunan House Chinese Restaurant for Christmas Eve dinner :-)
And I got to open a present for Christmas Eve - actually two of them again, woohoo! A new stuffed pug and Littlest Pet Shop figures :-)
After we drove around looking at Christmas lights, I sprinkled my "reindeer food" on the lawn ;-)
And hung my 'Santa key' on the door, like always!
Just before bed I put out my freshly baked cookies, plus donuts and some of my birthday cake (thanks Papa!), and apples and cucumbers for the reindeer, and also some eggnog, whew!
Zero more days - Christmas Day, woohooooo!!!
Santa and his reindeer liked EVERYTHING! :-)
And he left tons of presents for ME! Yahooooo!!
My stocking looks pretty full, yay!
All of this was in my stocking!! (Except for the dog bones and dog food, those were in the dogs' stockings, hee hee...)
The dogs know that there's food on the table and they want it!! ;-)
I got some awesome gifts in my stocking - this super cute "mini" nutcracker.....
...and this adorable Littlest Pet Shop kitten! ;-)
And Santa brought me a Spongebob Lego set, yay!!
I also got a Dancing Gizmo doll and a mini Furby.....
.....and more new Monster High dolls, plus some Bratzillas!
I got a new Wii game too, it's so much fun!
Hurray, it's
On 1/1/13, Papa came over for some good luck kraut and sausage, and I wore my "Congratulations USA on another New Year" tank top and headband, TEE HEE! Happy New Year!!
It was another wonderful holiday season, and I had such an amazing time - thank you to everyone for everything!! And until next year.....
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