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On 11/29/11, we took our Christmas pictures, but first we had to take a few test shots....Chloe was our test model!!
She even let me dress her up - this is a Build A Bear Christmas dress....she's my live stuffed animal, tee hee ;-)
Modeling is fun, woohoo!
Even Joey got in on the action! (But he wouldn't let me dress him up, doh! hee hee) ;-)
It's Christmas Eve, and the tree is all ready for Santa's visit!
We went out looking at lights in the neighborhood, and on the way back, took a picture of our house all lit up :-)
We got a few new lights this year too, including this baby deer and its Mom :-) (So cute!)
It's hard to see, but the countdown sign in the window says ONE DAY until Christmas!!!
I didn't forget to hang out Santa's key! (Gotta make sure he can get in) :-)
We had lots of goodies to leave out for Santa this year...a donut (thanks, Papa!), a cupcake, chocolate chip cookies, and iced sugar cookies, plus chocolate milk, and lettuce and carrots for the reindeer - I hope they like them!!
Zero days til Christmas - YAY!!!! It's Christmas morning, 12/25/11, finally!! And also, that snowman Lego was a present from Papa for my birthday - I built it all by myself! (Thanks, Papa!) :-)
WOOHOO!! Look at all those presents for ME! ;-)
YES!! Score! I've gotten everything I wanted so far, thanks Santa!! ;-)
And look, they ate almost all the goodies and drank almost all the milk!
Woohoo, a new game for my DSi!
And a new sparkly purse and matching bracelet from Mommy and Daddy, yay!
New 'Angelica' and 'Jack Sparrow' Barbies - WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!! ;-)
It will be another Christmas day lost in my DS!! (Too many cool new games, hee hee) :-)
It was a busy day, and even Choe is exhausted....wait, which one is actually her?? TEE HEE ;-)
Boo, I'm so sad that Christmas is almost over ;-)
But it was another great holiday!! Thank you Santa, thank you Mommy & Daddy, thank you Papa, and thank you EVERYONE!!! I love it all!! :-)
It's January 1st, 2012, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :-) It was another wonderful holiday season.....
...and as always....
Until next year!!

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