Welcome to my Christmas 2010 page!
In late November, we took pictures for our Christmas cards, and this one turned out pretty, but didn't make the cut to be on the card :-) (ran out of room!)
My Daddy was trying to make me smile, but he made me laugh instead, he was being so silly ;-)
On 12/24/10, for our Christmas Eve dinner, we decided to have Chinese food at the Hunan House, it was really good :-)
And when we got home, we baked cookies for Santa ;-)
We set out the cookies, some extra 'birthday donuts' for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer - I hope they like 'em!!
We do have a fireplace now, but no chimney, so we still have to hang out Santa's "magic key" so he can get in ;-)
The tree and holiday train are ready for Santa's visit :-)
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care (hee hee) ;-)
I made this Santa craft at school, and hung it on my bedroom door so he might see it :-)
On Christmas Eve, we all get to open on present, but this year I got an extra one, so I opened two presents - new jammies, and a Build-A-Bear Small Fry bunny, yay!
Zero days until Christmas!!! That means it's CHRISTMAS DAY, WOOHOOOOOO :-)
And Santa ate the cookies and donuts and milk, and the reindeer ate the carrots!
Look - we have PROOF that Santa exists!! Mommy set up a hidden camera and caught Santa in our house!!!!! ;-)
And all of these presents are from him, and all for me!!
The one thing I wanted this year most of all was a Nintendo DSi - and I got it, woohoo!! I also got some cool games, like this Chihuahua game, from my Mommy and Daddy (yay) :-)
I really love my new DSi from Santa, I played it all day long on Christmas!!
And guess what else - for the first time in years we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS!! Woohoo!! Usually by now it's all melted if we had any snow, but this year it snowed on Christmas Eve, and stuck! So pretty :-)
Overall it was a great Christmas, I got everything I wanted and then some!! Thank you to Santa, Mommy and Daddy, Papa, and EVERYONE! Merry Christmas!
And Chloe and I just want to wish everyone a
It's January 1st, of the year
It was another wonderful holiday season!!  And as always, I just want to say...
See you next year!
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