Welcome to my Christmas page, 2009!
This was one of the "test" photos for our Christmas card pictures - I just couldn't stop giggling ;-)
12/24/09, Christmas Eve, and I thought I'd get in the spirit by dressing like an elf!
Posing by the tree on Christmas Eve ;-)
I put on Chloe's Christmas sweater so we could go look at Christmas lights :-)
I'm ready to go see some lights!
We put out this sign so Santa will know we're serious!!
And this year we put out cookies, donuts (thanks, Papa!), milk, carrots, AND the gingerbread house that we made...I sure hope he likes it! (And the reindeer too)
It's 12/25/09, and you know what that means....
And look, they ate all the cookies and carrots, and even some of the gingerbread house!
All of these are from Santa - and they're all for me, YAY!!!!!!!!!
My favorite part of Christmas - opening presents!!
I got so much great stuff this year - thank you Santa, and thank you EVERYONE!! :-)
It was a fun, but exhausting day - even the dogs were tired!!! ;-)
Today is January 1st, and the year is...
            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :-)
Papa came over and we had sausage and sauer kraut to (hopefully!) bring us good luck for the year!
It was another wonderful Christmas, I got everything I wanted!! (And then some, hee hee) ;-)

And to everyone....
...until next year! :-)