Welcome to my Birthday and Christmas page, 2008!
It's December 23rd, 2008, and I'm FIVE YEARS OLD today!! We went up to Papa's house to celebrate, and I got to wear my "Birthday Princess" hat :-)
I also wanted to see Papa's Christmas tree, it's always so pretty! Hmmm, I sure hope all those presents under it are for ME! (Hee hee, wishful thinking)
The best part of having two birthday parties, is two cakes, yay!
And it's a Santa Claus cake, how cool is that!! (Thanks, Papa!)
It's 12/24/08, Christmas Eve, and we're taking Chloe to go look at Christmas lights....she'll need her sweater, it's chilly outside! :-)
Whoa! It's windy out here!! Chloe and I could barely get our 'Santa key' on the door!
After we got back, we made sure to put out our cookies and donuts for Santa, plus a chocolate covered pretzel too, and we left tomatoes for the reindeer - I hope they like 'em! ;-)
Another new thing we got this year was a 'Christmas Train', with some really cool cars - maybe Santa will bring us even more new ones!
Zero days to Christmas - that must mean it's.....
CHRISTMAS DAY!!!! WOOHOO!!!!      (12/25/08)
Yep, Santa was here, he ate all our goodies, and so did the reindeer, yay!
Yay, he did leave us two new train cars!! And TONS of presents, woohoooooooo!! ;-)
Chloe says "Whoa, what happened in here?? Did a bomb go off??" (tee hee....she's down at the bottom of the pic)
I've had this smile on my face all day - I got so much great stuff! Thank you Santa, and THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!
(To see a clip of me playing with this toy, click here....) :-)
It was another great year for my birthday and Christmas.....and to all my friends and family....
See you next year!
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