Welcome to Kaitlyn's Christmas 2007 page!
It's 12/24/07, and the sign says there's 1 more day to Christmas - this must be Christmas Eve! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it :-)
I made sure to hang our "magic key" on the front door, so Santa could get in the house....
Each Christmas Eve, I get to open one present from my Mommy and Daddy - it's a new game, woohoo! Let's play it.....
I put out lots of cookies (and even a donut!) for Santa and his reindeer this year...and milk too....I hope they like it....
Here's our tree on Christmas Eve, a few presents from Mommy and Daddy (and others)...but I sure hope Santa makes it!!
It's 12/25/07 - Christmas morning - look - Santa was here!!!!!!! Yay!!! :-)
And he and his reindeer ate all the cookies and milk! (And the donut too!) :-)
Woohoo - just what I asked for - a "Belle Tea Party" and a "Jasmine" doll - thanks, Santa!!
My new dolls, Jasmine and Mulan, have a tea party with my other dolls ;-)
Joey got some presents from Santa too - new chew toys that look like bagels, and a snowflake squeaky toy, hee hee!
I also got the guitar I asked for (yay)....
....and an Island Princess Doll, woohoo!
Later that day, Papa came over for dinner, and he had on a Santa hat - I thought it was so funny that I had to try it on too! :-)
And he gave me a Ponyville Teapot Palace that I really, really wanted - thanks, Papa!! :-)
Overall, it was a great Christmas - and before I crashed for the night, I just had to try on my stocking - it's so big, I can fit in it!! Hee hee....and a huge THANK YOU to everyone! Happy Holidays!! :-)
And to everyone....
We can't wait til next year!
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