Welcome to my Christmas 2006 page!

This year I was very excited about Santa coming - I'm finally old enough to realize who he is, and what he's all about. Here are some pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!
Our house doesn't have a fireplace, and I was wondering how Santa would get in - so Mommy showed me our "magic key" that would get him in the front door - whew! I hung it carefully on the doorknob, before we went out to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve...
I also made sure that our "Santa Stop Here" sign was lit up nice and bright, so that he would know where I was :-)
And finally on Christmas Eve, I made sure to put out some homemade cookies and milk (Mommy said they're his favorite)
Wow, Chyna, look at all those presents under the tree -
Santa was here!!!
Woohoo - Finding Nemo chapstick!! How did Santa know that's one of my favorite movies???   ;-)
....and a new Christmas Pony - just what I wanted!!!
YESSSSS!!! A new "little purple bicycle with white tires" - just what I asked him for!! Santa is awesome :-)
Whew, opening presents is hard work, I might need a nap before I can open the rest!
Oh man, all that work and it's just clothes??? Oh boy, now I really need a nap..... ;-)
Cool, while I was asleep, Santa brought some more presents down to my playroom - yay, a new kitchen!!
And Mommy and Daddy gave me new dress-up costumes, and a new Princess Castle - I decided to be Snow White :-)
My first order of business as "Princess Snow White" was to go grocery shopping for the 7 dwarves - those guys sure know how to eat, hee hee....I also made some "soup" for Mommy - click here to see a video clip!
I love my new Princess tiara from Aunt Jamie, but more importantly - how do you get this box of candy open????
And I also love my new "Teacher Barbie" from my Aunt Sharon - I'll bet this Barbie can teach Tanner (the doggie) some tricks! :-)
It was a really fun holiday this year - we can't wait until next year! Oh, and one last thing....
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