Kaitlyn pics, Page Nine! (March/April 2005)
Wow, this book is even good upside down!!
(It's 'Are You My Mother?', one of my favorites)
I like my books, but if Elmo comes on, it's all I can pay attention to!! ;-)                                 3/2/05
Check out my new wheels, Vroooom Vroooom!  3/13/05
I feel like 'E.T.', can you see me?? ;-)                 (3/26/05)
MMMM....my favorite part of Easter is all the CANDY!!!
Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow bunnies, jellybeans.....
Sugar overload.....wheeeeee!! ....hee hee....
                                (and p.s. HAPPY EASTER!!  3/27/05)
Mommy just thought I looked like such a big girl in this picture - I'm not a baby anymore!! :-)
(Today is 3/29/05, I turned 15 months on 3/23!)
Here I'm trying to teach Chyna some yoga, this is called 'downward facing dog', hee hee....actually this is how I stand up....wouldn't it be funny if everyone stood up this way?? ;-)
I'm such a little angel, just sitting here reading my books....... ;-) ...........
......HA HA HA HA but I can be a little devil too!!!
'Ornery' is my middle name :-)                          (3/31/05)
I'm so excited that it's finally warm enough to wear the Spring clothes that Daddy bought me - yep, he picked them out all by himself.....yay, Daddy!!              (4/9/05)
It's 4/10/05 and we're at the park - someone promised ice cream.......let me at it!!! ;-)
MMMM, yum yum yum, this is the first time I've ever had ice cream - I really like it, can you tell?? ;-)
No, Mommy, I wanna go this way!! :-)
WAAAAH!! My teeth hurt!! (It's 4/17/05 and those 2 bottom molars you can see, just came in a few days ago, ow!! That makes 11 teeth for me so far - 6 on top, and 5 on the bottom!)
It's 4/30/05 - Happy Birthday Papa!! We went over to his house to see him, but all I could pay attention to were all the toys!! It was like being at a toy store - I just couldn't sit still :-)
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