Kaitlyn pics, page 54!   (Oct, Nov, Dec 2014, and a little bit of Jan 2015)
October means one major thing -
Halloween 2014
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Our first snowfall was early this year - it's only November
15th!! This is the "dusting" we got that day :-)
And this is the very next day, 11/16/14!!
Look at all that snow!! ;-)
On November 29th we headed to Orlando, Florida for vacation!!
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I tried out for 5th grade choir this year, and made it!
Our first concert was on 12/18/14 :-)
I was nervous but excited, and my
friends and I had a lot of fun!
December always means one thing for sure - MY BIRTHDAY,
YAY!!! Click on the sign below to visit my 11th birthday page :-)
December also means CHRISTMAS, woohoo!! Click
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Today is January 5th, 2015, and it's my parents' TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY,
woohoo!!!! My Dad bought my Mom THREE dozen roses!! So many, I could
hide behind them ;-)
They were the prettiest roses I had ever seen :-)
On January 12th, 2015, The Ohio State Buckeyes football team won the first
ever College Football Playoff system, and the 2014 National Championship!!
As a huge Buckeye fan, I created a page to celebrate them! Click on the
picture below to visit my final OSU page, and GO BUCKS!!
(This is the last picture page in my site, enjoy, and I hope you've liked them all!)
That does it for my picture pages - to see future pics of
me, email my Mom or find her on Facebook! Thanks for
following my life for the first eleven years, it's been fun!
Hope you enjoyed all the pages!! :-)