Kaitlyn pics, page 52!   (Apr, May, June 2014)
Kaitlyn pics, page 52!   (Apr, May, June 2014)
Yep it's April, and yep, that's snow!! :-)  4/14/14
It's also almost time for Easter, and
that means Easter egg coloring!!
On 'Easter Eve' (hee hee) I put out some jelly
bean yogurt, oreos, marshmallows, a card, and
homemade "bunny racers" made with peeps!
This was the card I made especially for
the Easter Bunny - I hope he likes it!!
It's Easter morning!!  And the Easter Bunny must have
been here - he ate all the goodies I left him!!     4/19/14
Next we had our Easter egg hunt - I found all of these!!
And look at all the great gifts the
Easter Bunny left me, woohoo!! :-)
For Mother's Day this year, my Mom asked
for a cup of bacon, so we gave her one!!
On May 30th, 2014, I was finally ready to
learn how to ride a bicycle! And it only took
me about an hour to learn, woohoo :-)
And since I did so well on my bike, I was allowed
to get a new scooter too - it's so much fun!!
On June 5th, 2014, we visited the Great
Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati, and the
Kings Island Amusement Park.
here, or on the pics below, to visit that
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