Kaitlyn pics, page 51! (Jan, Feb, Mar 2014)
I've been asking to get my ears pierced for a few years, but my
Mom said I had to wait until I was 10, now that I'm officially
10 years old, we headed over to Claire's on January 3rd, 2014.
I was nervous so they did both ears at once!
It hurt just a tiny bit but not as much
as I thought! And it was quick :-)
This is the 'before' picture of my
ear lobe just before we left :-)
And here I am 'after', with my pretty
new sparkly earrings!! I love them :-)
January plus gorgeous roses equals anniversary
time!! 19 years, woohoo!!                        1/5/14
My other promise when I turned 10 was
that I could get a hamster - and I got
TWO!! They are dwarf hamsters, so cute!!
I named them 'Monica' and 'Rachel', yep, I love
'Friends' reruns as much as my Mommy, hee hee....
We got a LOT of snow this year, a whole lot, and this is
after one of those snowfalls on 1/25/14, piled on the porch!
But we even offered to help clear our neighbors' driveway
with our snow blower, this is me running it, woohoo!!
On 2/8/14 I went to see "Disney on Ice - Princesses and
Heroes" with my Mom, click on the pics below for that page!
I've been to C.O.S.I. with my daycares, on field trips, but I
haven't been here with my Mommy since 2008! During Spring
Break this year, we decided to check it out again :-)       3/23/14
This is in the "Ocean" exhibit, I had to balance
a ball on a stream of water, and I did it!
And in the 'Gadgets' exhibit, I pulled myself up
to the top of this pulley, then let myself down :-)
We even played "Checkers" outside...it was a great
day at C.O.S.I.! I can't wait to come back!
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To finish off Spring Break this year, we all went
to the circus!
Click here, or on the ringmaster
below, to visit my Circus 2014 page :-)
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