Kaitlyn pics, page 50! (Nov/Dec 2013, Jan 2014)
On 11/16/13 it was time to take Christmas card pictures....these didn't make the card, but they were cute, especially this one with Chloe, her skirt matches mine!!
And this one shows my dress a little more, the top part was white with a lot of sparkles (my favorite!) :-)
I always have fun 'posing' in my dresses, like a model :-)
On 12/14/13 we had my 10th birthday party at Sky Zone, it was a blast! Click here, or on the Eiffel Tower, to visit my 10th Birthday Party Page!!
It's 12/22/13, my "birthday Eve", and I get to open a present, woohoo! This year I got 2 new "glow pets", a zebra and a seal, so cute! :-)
And today is 12/23/13, my 10th birthday, yay!!! In the morning I opened some of my presents, including a new "K" pillow and "K" cup, a headband kit, and glitter tattoos, awesome!
Next we headed over to Papa's house, and even more presents, including this new charm bracelet kit :-)
And a new puzzle, Crayola light kit, and some evil minions (the purple ones), it was all cool!! Thanks Papa!!
He also got me a pretty pink cake, but he didn't have a lighter or matches, so he improvised, tee hee!!
It worked ;-)
And it was easy to blow out the candles because there were only 2! I liked that :-)
We also got to see his Christmas tree all decorated, it was so pretty :-) If I'm lucky, some of those presents underneath are for me!
Later that day after my Daddy came home, I opened my last two presents, some "K" initial earrings - 3 pairs!! I can't wait to get my ears pierced!
It's 12/25/13 - CHRISTMAS DAY, YAY!!! Click here, or on the tree below, to visit my Christmas 2013 page!
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