Kaitlyn pics, page 49! (Sept/Oct 2013)
It's 9/21/13, and Ohio State Buckeye season has begun!! Today is Mommy and Papa's official game, and we all dressed up for the occasion :-) Go Buckeyes!!
On 9/28/13 my cousin Dyna and I had a sleepover at Papa's house, it was so much fun!
My art teacher at school submitted my 'Stop, Drop, and Roll' picture into the local firehouse drawing contest, and I won for my grade! I got $25!!
On 10/13/13 we visited the 'Pigeon Roost Farm', and I posed in this funny sign :-)
They had a corn maze, which we tried for the very first time, it was easy to get lost!!
It's been 6 years since we visited this farm, and I've grown a lot since then!! :-)
We finally made our way out though, and then I got my face painted - it's a witch, can you tell? ;-)
October also means....HALLOWEEN!! Click here, or on the logo below, to go to my 'Halloween 2013' page :-)
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