Kaitlyn pics, page 48! (June/July/August 2013)
It's not officially summer until Joey
gets his "summer haircut"! Hee hee....
No special haircut for Chloe, but summertime
makes her want to nap...all...the...time :-)
On June 5th, 2013, we visited the Kalahari
Resort up in Sandusky, OH...
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It's July 4th, 2013, time for the Gahanna parade!
I'm all decked out in my red, white, and blue
colors, including my hair extensions!
And a super cool "glitter tattoo" rocket :-)
It sprinkled a little bit during the parade, but that
didn't stop me from chasing down candy!!
Back at the house I was ready
to get this party started!! ;-)
We even made a patriotic dessert with blueberries,
strawberries, and marshmallows, it was yummy!
After our cookout, we lit some fireworks, including
sparklers, and colored smokers, which were pretty cool!
Overall it was a really great day - special
THANK YOU to Papa for going to the parade,
and cooking, and the fireworks, and
EVERYTHING!! I had a blast, you're the best!!
My Daddy was out of town for the 4th,
but he was back by the 6th, and we had
a "pop it" war, it was so much fun!
I did a pretty good job of avoiding the
"pops", and I got a few hits in too, hee hee!!
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On July 25th, 2013, we went to one of my favorite
places - the Ohio State Fair, woohoo!
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It's 8/6/13, Chloe's fifth birthday(!!), and of course,
she gets her birthday doggie ice cream :-)
And I don't want her to eat alone, so I always get
ice cream too (regular human kind, hee hee) ;-)
On 8/21/13, I started FOURTH GRADE!!!! Woohoo!!
Chloe gave me lots of kisses as
good luck for my first day :-)
I got a few new school outfits, including these super cute smiley
face shoes!! They make me smile just looking at them, tee hee :-)
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