Kaitlyn pics, page 47! (Feb thru May 2013)
On 2/23/13 I went to my very first 'ice capades' show - Disney On Ice!
The first characters out on the ice were Mickey and Minnie, of course :-)
We also got to see Donald Duck, Goofy, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan, including the alligator!!
At intermission I had a blue slushie, you can tell by my blue mouth, tee hee ;-)
One of my favorite parts of the show was 'Aladdin' :-)
Aladdin and Jasmine even "flew" on a magic carpet, it was cool!
The 'Ariel' part was awesome too :-)
By the end, all the Princesses and Princes came out on the ice, it was a really great show!
We had quite a bit of snow this winter, and the dogs liked to run in it with me - well Joey did, Chloe only liked it for a minute, hee hee!
In early March, we finally had "packing snow", and I got to make my very first snowman ever!! :-)          3/6/13
On 3/24/13 I had another "first" - my very first circus!! Woohoo!! It even had an indoor carnival, it was awesome :-)
And I just had to get my face painted by a clown, tee hee...
My Mom even let me get my whole face painted this time....another first!!! Yay ;-)
It was tough to choose what I wanted, but I went with a pink tiger, grrrr, hee hee hee.....
From the top of the ferris wheel, we could see the 3 rings! (This shot was after the show was over)
And I'm still a pink tiger, tee hee! It was a great show :-)
It's 3/29/13, two days before Easter, and time to color some eggs!!
The next day was "Easter Eve", and I left some goodies for the Easter Bunny - a Cadbury egg, strawberry cheesecake, pink lemonade, lollipops, and jelly bean flavored yogurt!!!
It's 3/31/13, Easter morning, and all the goodies are gone, yay!
And the Easter Bunny must have liked the treats I gave him, because he left all this great stuff for me!! Woohoo!! :-)
In early April we bought a Chia pet, my very first one, and I picked 'Spongebob' - this is how it looked after 2 days!
Six days later, it had grown this much :-) (And that was as high as it would grow! A little disappointing but oh well) ;-)
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