Kaitlyn pics, page 46! (Dec 2012/Jan 2013)
We didn't have any pics in November this year, but we have plenty from December (my favorite month!!) starting with my birthday party, woohoo!!

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It's 12/22/12, my "birthday eve", and my birthday tree is all lit up and ready for presents! :-)
And just like on Christmas Eve, I get to open one or two gifts on my birthday eve - I got 2 new Dream Lite pillow pets, yay!
Today is 12/23/12 - my 9th birthday, woohoo!! And now my birthday tree is bursting with presents!
A new sparkly "K" hairbrush, cool!
And I got a new Monster High Wii game, and 'Victorious' CD and DS game!
And new fuzzy 'Spongebob' pants!
I also got a new magic kit - TA DA!!! Hee hee....
Later that day we went over to Papa's house, where he had a really yummy Oreo cake waiting for me!! Yum!!
He lit all 9 candles.....
.....and I blew them all out myself - I'm getting good at this! ;-)
It was a fantastic birthday, I had such a great time! And a special thank you to Papa for the donuts, cake, presents, and everything!! :-)
And after my birthday (which seems to last most of the month, tee hee), I can't forget about the next big day - CHRISTMAS!!

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We didn't have a white Christmas this year, but it did decide to snow the very next day!!               (12/26/12)
Awww, the dogs want to come out and play in the snow too! ;-)
Sorry, Chloe, it's just too cold out here for you ;-)
I helped Daddy clear the snow by shoveling the porch steps, or should I say "step", hee hee hee....
Roses in January can only mean one thing - anniversary time!! Well almost, it's 1/4/13, a day early, Daddy sent the flowers a day early this time :-)
And I drew this picture and wrote this poem to go along with them! It's about my Mommy :-)
By the next morning they were already opening up - they were a pink marbled color, aren't they pretty?? :-)
Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!! From me, and Chloe :-)
On January 18th, 2013, we took a trip to a cabin down in Hocking Hills - it was so much fun! Click here, or on the cabin pic below, to visit my 'Cabin 2013' page!
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