Kaitlyn pics, page 44! (April thru July 2012)
On 4/6/12, two days before Easter, we colored Easter eggs to put out for the Easter Bunny - if he likes 'em, he'll leave me lots of candy, woohoo! ;-)
We didn't do anything fancy this year, just a standard coloring kit (but it was fun!)  :-)
But I did write my name on this one with special markers!
The next day was Daddy's birthday, so Joey put on a birthday hat, hee hee....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!                                         (4/7/12)
And the next day was....EASTER! Woohoo!! Look at all the great stuff I got from the Easter Bunny! :-)
And we had an Easter egg hunt too - I found all of these!!!
Later that day Papa came over for dinner and brought another basket of yummy candy for me (thanks, Papa!) I call him the "other" Easter Bunny, tee hee ;-)
On 4/14/12 we met some family at Schmidt's restaurant in German Village, and my cousin Dyna and I posed outside - don't we look silly??
Our zoo passes were about to expire, so my Mommy and I had one last visit there on 4/22/12, and for the first time ever I was allowed to get my face painted! :-)
And we visited the manatees in the aquarium....they were so cute, I wish I could ride one.....
...this is close enough! :-)
We also got to see the arctic foxes (so white and fluffy and cute!)
And the polar bears - check out how you can see her reflection in the water, like a mirror! :-)
I had so much fun at the zoo today!! We'll get passes again someday :-)
Wait, is that an escaped lion from the zoo?? Nope, it's just Joey with his summer haircut, TEE HEE!
5/5/12 was my first ever "Daddy-Daughter Dance" at my school, and Daddy and I had so much fun!!
Today (5/6/12) marks the very last day that I rode in my toy truck, that I've had since I was 2 (back in 2006), but I finally realized that I'm just too big for it now - it hurts my knees....OUCH!! ;-)
A patriotic dessert - what can that mean? Must be Memorial Day!! :-)                                  5/26/12
And it just wouldn't be Memorial Day without water balloons for a water fight!! Woohoo!
I've got my balloon ready! ;-)
Chloe came outside for a little bit, but she got too hot :-)
Somehow I stayed cool though, maybe it was being hit by all those water balloons?? They sure are refreshing ;-)
By the end of the day I was tired, and ready to hang out with Chloe :-) But it sure was a fun day!
(Special thanks to Papa for bringing the cooler full of water balloons for the water fight!!)
Any day is a good day to hang out with Chloe! :-)   6/3/12
On June 7th, 2012, we visited the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, and also Cedar Point - click here, or on the pic to visit my Kalahari/Cedar Point page!
To beat the heat this July, we bought a new water slide on clearance, woohoo!! I helped set it up by filling the pool with water :-)           7/01/12
After all that hard work, I just had to try out the slide part, tee hee ;-)
It also had a baskteball hoop with an inflatable basketball, but it was harder than it looked to make a basket!
Yay, my new slide is so much fun!! :-)
Hmmm, red, white, and blue painted nails? It can only be one holiday - the 4th of July!!       7/4/12
And the 4th of July means a parade - so I put on my best sparkly red, white, and blue for the occasion!
Just like last year, there was a face painter at the parade - I picked a firework star this year! So patriotic, tee hee ;-)
The parade was fun, but it was SO HOT, so I tried to keep cool with two mini fans ;-) (They worked a little bit!)
Later in July, I visited Pittsburgh, PA for the very first time!
On that same trip, Mommy found some old pictures of her as a toddler - check out the resemblance to me as a toddler too!!
Another one of Mommy (left) and me on the right, almost the same face! :-)
And one last one with Mommy on the left, me on the right - it's official, we really DO look alike, woohoo!!
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