Kaitlyn pics, page 43! (Winter 2011/12)
On 12/3/11 we visited the Columbus Zoo's 'Wildlights at the Zoo', and the zoo was all lit up and decorated for Christmas :-)
One of our favorite spots is the main lake, all the lights around it reflect in the water.....as it gets darker, it's really pretty!
12/22/11 was my 'birthday eve', and if my face looks a little funny in this pic, it's because I had a terrible allergic reaction to something I ate (either fish sticks or shrimp, we're not sure which), and ended up in urgent care!!! Luckily they fixed me up and my hives and swelling went down a little....and I still got to open one present for my 'birthday eve' - a new giraffe pillow pet, yay!!
On 12/17/11 I had my birthday party at 'Rule 3' (game place), and my theme was 'pink pirates', click here to visit my 8th birthday party page!
It's 12/23/11 and I turn 8 today!! And look at all the presents under my birthday tree, woohoo :-)
These are all from the 'Birthday Fairy'....some legos, a stuffed puppy, and Zoobles, cool!
Next we headed up to Papa's place, and he bought me some really yummy iced brownies!!
And of course he got me some presents too, that were all AWESOME (thanks Papa!!) :-)
Back at home that night I got a few more presents from my parents - a fuzzy pink diary with a 'K' on the front, and some Lego Harry Potter games!
My birthday was great, but now it's 12/24/11, Christmas Eve, time to bake cookies for Santa!!! (Joey's hoping we'll drop one or two, but that didn't happen, poor Joe! hee hee....)
Click here, or on the tree, to go to my Christmas 2011 page!
It's 1/5/12, Happy 17 year Anniversary to my Mommy and Daddy!! My Mommy's flowers were late being delivered, so I made her a little bouquet myself :-)
Luckily the real flowers finally showed up at 5:30 pm (sheesh!), but aren't they pretty? Chloe and I think so!
We really haven't had too much snow this winter, but we did get just enough one week in January to go snow tubing, so we did!                                  1/21/12
It was also really, really cold that day too, the high was only 25!! We took lots of breaks inside with hot chocolate ;-)
It was a long walk up to the belt that takes you up the hill, so I hitched a ride with my Dad, tee hee...
The fire pit outside helped keep us warm too - it was pretty chilly, but still so much fun!!
In February we took a trip to a cabin in Hocking Hills, click here or on the picture below to visit the page with those pics!
On 2/24/12 my class at school had a 'wax museum' presentation, and I was Amelia Earhart :-)
On St Patrick's Day, 3/17/12, it was so warm outside we didn't even need jackets!
And it was so nice out that we went up to my Grandpa's house and fed the geese in the lake :-)
I hope Spring is here to stay!!
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