Kaitlyn pics, page 42! (Summer/Fall 2011)
It's June 11th, 2011, and if the water slide is out, that must mean summer has officially begun, woohoo!!
And now that summer is here, I'm ready to hit the park....ALL the parks!! :-)
On June 16th, we took a trip down to Cincinnati to visit the Great Wolf Lodge, and Kings Island, click here, or on the picture, to visit that page!
Then on June 29th, my Mom and I visited the Columbus Zoo, click here, or on the logo below, to visit that page! :-)
We also went to the Ohio State Fair in August, one of my favorite things to do - click here, or on the picture, to visit that page! ;-)
On 8/06/11 Chloe celebrated her 3rd birthday, woohoo!! As always, she got some yummy doggie ice cream, and I made her wear her 'birthday girl' doggie sweater, tee hee :-) Happy Birthday Chloe!!
And on August 16th, I went over to visit my brand new school, Licking Heights South, and find my classroom. I can't wait for school to start!
And on 8/17/11, I officially started SECOND GRADE!!! Yay!!
Chloe gave me lots of goodbye kisses before I left. I really like school, and I had a really great 1st day!!
In October 2011 we visited Orlando, Florida, and went to both Disney and Universal. Click here to visit my
And right after our Orlando trip was Halloween! Click here to visit my
2011 page!
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