Kaitlyn pics, page 41! (Mar/Apr/May 2011)
On Friday, 4/22/11, we colored Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny (and the big one I did at school) ;-)
The "theme" for this year's eggs was 'puppies', and 'kitties', and 'bunnies', and also some 'Rapunzel' stickers I had left over, tee hee hee.....
And LOOOK!!!! We caught the Easter Bunny on camera!!!! (Just like Santa, hee hee) ;-)
And check out at all the great stuff he brought me, woohoo!! :-)
The day before Easter, 4/23/11, Joey got his 'summer haircut' :-)
And on Easter I thought he looked chilly, so I covered him with my new Rapunzel blanket (isn't he cute?) ;-)
During our Easter egg hunt, Chloe found one too!!!
But before our 'formal' Easter dinner, I made sure to dress up Chloe in her Easter best, including her pretty pearls :-)
On 4/30/11 we had our school carnival, and I won TWO TIMES at the cake walk!! We couldn't believe it :-)
And on May 20th, 2011, I went to my BFF Ava's birthday party, at a bounce place, it was a total blast!!
It's 5/29/11 and we had our Memorial Day picnic today, it was finally warm outside :-)
Papa came over for our picnic, and he brought a patriotic brownie, it was yummy!!! ;-)
He also brought me a new horseshoe set, and it was so much fun :-)
And...a new jump rope, I love it!!
Then it was time for the water fight, I was ready!
But I had my share of hits too, DOH!! Hee hee.....
The dogs came out for a little while, but they were content to stay in the air conditioning!! ;-)
And of course, I just had to try on Papa's glasses before the day was over, how do I look? :-)
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