Kaitlyn pics, page 40! (Jan/Feb 2011)
It's January, there are flowers, must be anniversary time!                     1/5/2011
On January 28th, 2011, we made our yearly trip to Hocking Hills for cabin camping, and I got to sled ride on the hill next to the cabin, woohoo!
The hill wasn't too big, but it sure was fun! :-)
And here's the back of the cabin, the hot tub was in that room, inside, so our hair didn't freeze, yay!
And the hot tub was my favorite part of cabin camping, even more fun than sledding ;-)
Here's the view from the front balcony, we had a fire pit and picnic table, but they were covered in snow!
It's Sunday, and time to pack up, but first we took some pics around the cabin inside.....
...and outside too, it was a lot of fun, can't wait for the next cabin trip! :-)
It's 2/19/11, I'm in a tube, on a conveyer belt, going up a hill of snow, it must be SNOW TUBING TIME!!
And this is the hill I just came down, it was a blast!!
Do we have time for a snowball fight? ;-)
Ok no snowball fight, let's just head up the hill again, yippee!!
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