Kaitlyn pics, page 38! (Sept/Oct 2010)
September is officially here, and 9/1/10 was our school picture day. Here's my outfit for picture day, and we'll post my actual school pic when they come in :-)
And this is my official school picture, I wanted to smile more but they caught me off guard!! :-)
One more way to prove I won't give up on summer - one last trip to Zoombezi Bay, on September 6th! It was a little bit chilly (it got up to 85 later, but at first it was in the 70's), but we still had so much fun :-)
Mommy even let me wear her sunglasses - it was cool out, but super sunny!!
I even got to ride some rides before we went home - like the frog hopper (wheeee!)....
....and the bumper cars....it was a blast :-)
September also means - Ohio State Football time, woohoo!! This year I'm finally getting excited about it all on my own, and even wanted to get the OSU silly bands, which included the OSU symbol, and Buckeye leaves, plus a football, and goal posts, cool!
And on September 18th, 2010, Papa came over and went to the OSU-OU game with Mommy - GO BUCKEYES!!
On 9/25/10, Mommy's cousin Cody and his fiancee Chrissy, got married, and we went to the wedding. It was outside in a garden, and the weather was perfect. I loved posing on all the benches!
My cousin Dyna was there too - don't we look pretty? :-)
Dyna and I are seated, and ready for the ceremony to start....
The ceremony was nice, the food was great, and now I'm ready to dance! (And then conk out all the way home, hee hee) ;-)
On October 9th, 2010, I got my haircut FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!! It was just a trim, but I was excited :-)
And here is the before and after shot, it really does look much better, and brushes easier too, yay!
On 10/22/10, my 1st grade class took a field trip to a pumpkin farm, and Mommy was a chaperone. One of the things we got to do was a barrel ride, it was fun!
And they had a face painting station, so Mommy painted me as a vampire cat (at my request of course), but when I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe she painted the word 'Boo' backwards!! Hee hee (she explained to me that it was ok, just the reflection looked backwards) :-)
And of course, October means lots of chances to trick or treat...
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