Kaitlyn pics, page 37! (July/Aug 2010)
It's July 4th, 2010 - Happy Independence Day!
We went to the 4th of July parade in Gahanna, and I made sure to dress patriotically!! (Even down to the rubber bands in my hair, and my silly bandz) ;-)
Back at home, the dogs were ready to go outside for our picnic :-)
And not just a picnic - but a water fight too - I'm ready!
But who did I get wet first? MYSELF, hee hee hee :-)
And also Chloe (poor doggie!) ;-)
Hey, no fair! I wasn't ready!!
The water fight was fun, but Chloe and I are tired (and soaked) :-)
If I put on my Ariel wig and Harry Potter glasses,
I become.....HARRIEL POTTER, hee hee :-)       7/25/10
With my new monkey sleep mask, it looks like I'm awake even if I'm not!                            7/25/10
On August 3rd, 2010, we went to the Ohio State Fair - and it rained!!! Figures ;-)
Even though it was raining, it was super hot out....mmmm....water.....
And what better to cool off with than cotton candy (and yep it was pink, naturally!!) ;-)
And a cherry slushie helped, too, hee hee...
The sun finally peeked out for a little while :-)
And once the rain stopped, the rides re-opened, this 'Spongebob Funhouse' was really a blast!
And somehow every time we visit the Fair, I end up in Davey Jones' locker!! ;-)
I played a game, and won this Smurfette, woohoo!
And last, we rode the Sky ride back to the parking lot, even though it rained, the Fair was really fun!
On 8/7/10 we visited my cousin Anna for her birthday, and before we went home, Chloe and I insisted on a trip to the park (it was all Chloe, she's very insistent, tee hee)
Because of our trip, we had to celebrate Chloe's 2nd birthday a little late, but she didn't mind - and she didn't even mind getting dressed up in her birthday outfit that I picked out all by myself!! :-)       (8/15/10)
Here's a close up of her party hat (it had to be pink, just had to, tee hee)
And her little doggie sweater says "I'm the birthday girl" - she looked so cute!! Happy Birthday Chloe!!
It's the middle of August, and we know what that means - BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!! Yay!!
(I took this picture myself!) :-)
On Tuesday, 8/17/10 we went over to my school for the first graders "meet and greet". I got to meet my new teacher, see where I'll be sitting, and check out my locker - this is it, it's number 24, and just my height, woohoo :-)
And this is my first grade teacher, she's really nice! :-)
It's Wednesday, 8/18/10, my first day of school as a first grader!! Yay!!
I picked out my own backpack and lunchbox for the year (I need a lunchbox now, cool!), and I picked 'Hello Kitty', they match my shirt, socks, and even my shoes, tee hee ;-)
I'm so excited, hee hee hee....
Even though school has started, I refuse to let go of summer just yet....on 8/29/10 we went boating on Buckeye Lake with some friends - it was a ton of fun, I loved it!
And the best part was, I got to drive the boat a little bit! It was awesome!! Just call me "Cap'n Katie" :-)
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