Kaitlyn pics, page 36! (May, June 2010)
In early May, Joey seemed hot all the time, so we decided to shave him this year for the summer - at first he looked like a lion, but it's starting to grow back! Hee hee....
Mother's Day was on 5/9/2010, and I went with Daddy to pick out some flowers for Mommy - I chose this simple three rose bouquet, because I know she loves pink roses, and I also made a rose myself out of pink and purple tissue paper :-)
On May 15th, we visited the Zoo for the first time this season, and I couldn't wait to see the Polar Bears. They were cute, and so was this fake baby polar bear in the play area!
My best friend Ava had her 6th birthday party on 5/21/10, and it was so much fun!! Happy Birthday Ava! :-)
Papa came over for a Memorial Day picnic, and I can't ever resist stealing his glasses, tee hee....
On 6/4/10 we went to lunch with Mommy's friend Cris, and her daughter, Vivian, again, and after we ate, Vivi and I played in the fountains - it was cold!! (That's Vivian on the right...we were chilly, but it was really fun!)
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