Kaitlyn Pics, page 35! (March, April 2010)
To start of March, I felt like snuggling with my doggie ;-)                      3/6/10
Joey and Chloe really love me.....especially when I'm eating (tee hee)
For our St Patrick's Day party at school, I made sure to wear my green, and my new green St Patty's Day hat - thanks, Papa!! :-)                       3/17/10
(and also, I just lost my top two front teeth!)
On Saturday, March 20th, to get ready for Easter, we toured the local Anthony Thomas chocolate factory, and I wore my bunny shirt and headband, and lots of pink and sparkles! (Very "Easter"-y)
The Easter Bunny liked my outfit (we took a pic, but it was blurry, doh!), but here's the factory behind me - look at all those baskets, I hope I get one for Easter!! :-)
It was a nice day for the tour (first day of Spring, woohoo!), but it was still a little chilly, so Chloe and I warmed up by our new fireplace when we got home.....aahhhh, toasty.....
On April 2nd, 2010, we went to the Gahanna park to meet up with Mommy's best friend from high school, and her husband and daughter. Her daughter's name is Vivian, and she's so cute! I loved walking around with her and trying to feed the ducks (who were WAY too full, so funny) ;-)
Then on April 3rd, I went to a birthday party at an indoor miniature golf place called 'Glow Putt', it was fun! Everything glowed - including me! :-)
It's April 4th, 2010 - Easter Sunday - Happy Easter! We colored Easter eggs to leave for the Easter Bunny....this year we did three themes....first, puppies and kitties (with lots of 'Awww's) ;-)
I did these ones all by myself with special egg coloring paints :-)
And these ones were marbled, we only did three because they were really sticky (but pretty!) :-)
The Easter Bunny must have liked our eggs, because he left a bunch of candy and toys - including a new lamb, and a pink bunny....just what I wanted, yay!!
And I had to dig into the chocolate bunny with the giant ears - the ears are the best part! (And the first to go, yum) :-)    And special thanks to Papa for coming over, and for all my great new stuff!!
On 4/17/10 we had an indoor carnival at my school. My favorite part was the inflatables in the gym!
On April 22nd, I came home and told Mommy that I just HAD to learn how to tie my shoes - and guess what, I picked it up in one day!! Make a loop, pull it around, through the middle.....
....and YAY! I did it!! :-)
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