Kaitlyn pics, page 34! (Dec 2009, Jan & Feb 2010)
If we're talking about December, we have to mention two things - my birthday,
and Christmas, yippee!!!
Click here to go to my Birthday 2009 page,
click here to go to my Christmas 2009 page - yay!! :-)
Hmmm, it's January 5th, there are roses here, it must be someone's anniversary?? Who's could it be? ;-)
It's YOUR anniversary, Mommy! hee hee...(and these roses sure do smell nice!)                              1/5/10
On 1/8/10 we had our first real snowfall of the season, and Chloe wasn't sure if she liked it....
...but Joey loved it! (Turns out, Poms are of Nordic descent, he loves the cold and snow!!)
And who else loves the snow - ME!!!! :-)
I tried to have a snowball fight with Mommy, but she was inside - no fair!! Hee hee....
On Jan 10th, 2010, I lost my third tooth! Here I am posing with my two doggies, minus a tooth ;-) (And I got a dollar from the Tooth Fairy, yay!)
I went to my cousin Dyna's 9th birthday party on 1/17/10 and got to bowl for real, for the very first time, it was fun! (And happy bday Dyna!) :-)
On 1/29/10, we rented a cabin down in the Hocking Hills area. Click here to see some pics from that trip!
We had our second major snowfall on 2/5/10, so we decided to go snow tubing up at Snow Trails ski resort on Feb 6th - here I am all bundled up, and also, I lost my fourth tooth on 2/2/10 - you can see both holes on either side of my bottom teeth! (And I got another dollar, woohoo!) ;-)
You can see the snow tubing hill behind me, it was really tall!
To make it easier to get up the hill, they had a type of 'moving sidewalk' conveyer belt, it was really cool ;-)
I'm at the top of the hill, ready to go down one more time, we had such a blast, I can't wait to come back!
On Feb 12th, 2010, we had a Valentine's Day party at my Kindergarten, and my Mommy helped out - she took this picture of me after I got my face painted....we had so much fun! :-)
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