Kaitlyn pics, page 33! (Sept/Oct/Nov 2009)
September 9th was picture day at school, my
first "official" school picture, woohoo! Here's my
outfit for the day...
...and here's my first official Kindergarten school pic :-)
Mommy and Papa had tickets for the OSU game on September 12th, go BUCKEYES!!!!
On 10/18/09, we went to an apple/pumpkin farm, and I wore my pumpkin shirt for the occasion! :-)
My favorite part of the farm is the tractor ride out to the apple orchard....ok I've got my apple, let's get back on the wagon!
Mmmm...so good....I love fresh picked apples :-)
And check out all these pumpkins, some are bigger than my head! ;-)
On 10/25/09 we went over to the Gahanna Park to eat, and feed the ducks, it was fun!
It's the end of October, you know what that means....click here for my
2009 page!
I gave our Thanksgiving dinner two thumbs up! :-)   (11/26/09)
On 11/28/09 we went on the Holiday Train to see Santa (like last year), and while I waited for him, I tried on Mommy's sunglasses - I'm Paris Hilton, tee hee!
Santa!!! (He said he liked my shirt) ;-)
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