Kaitlyn pics, page 32! (July/Aug 09)
This summer we decided to get passes to the Zoombezi Bay waterpark, next to the Zoo, and it's so much fun!
We cross over the 'lazy river' on our way in, and out, of the park, and it's one of my favorite things to do here....but I always scream about the waterfalls! :-)
This Fourth of July (7/04/09), I went to my very first parade, I was so excited to see it!
While we were waiting, I sat on the back bench of our van, and had a snack :-)
I could also sit on it this way, tee hee....
It's 7/25/09, and I'm headed to my cousin Anna's birthday party, but before we go, we stopped at the park so I could play on the jungle gym....
....and the swings, wheeeeee!
After the park, it was party time!
Happy 7th Birthday, Anna!! :-)
Whoo, I'm a party animal!! ;-) (Must be all that frosting, yum)
One of my favorite things to do on our visit was "play" the piano....sort of ;-)
Chloe and I had a great time! Time to go home and see Joey, and Daddy...
My new favorite thing to do, is stand on the table in the living room, and pretend I'm a "music box", and I especially love to do this to the "Night at the Museum" soundtrack....when the music goes into a minor key, I like to make this face, hee hee....to see a video clip, click here :-)
It's 8/6/09, Chloe's first birthday - Happy Birthday Chloe!! For a present, we bought her a new toy monkey (she loves it), and we gave her some "doggie ice cream", which she also loved, and didn't want to share....to see a video clip, click here :-)
I know it looks like I have on lip gloss here...but nope....
...it's frozen yogurt (well, sort of, it's Trix yogurt that's been frozen, it's yummy....and looks like pink lip gloss) ;-)
Guess what, it's 2009, and according to my 'Fun Facts', that's the year I'll start Kindergarten.....and I DID!!! :-)
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Oct 2009: Sorry for no pictures for a while, but Geocities is closing, and the site will be moved on October 26th, 2009. Once the conversion is complete, we'll start putting new pics on again.....

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