Kaitlyn pics, page 31! (Apr/May/June 2009)
It's April, and Spring is almost here, yay! And I'm still practicing my picture taking with Mommy's camera :-) I took this one of Chloe, and I also put the tshirt on her, all by myself!! (And it's backwards, but still, she looks cute, right? Hee hee)
And, now that I'm five, I can dress myself...today I decided to be 'Santa's Helper', tee hee..those "pants", are really a sweater!! Tied with a rope from my bathrobe (pretty inventive, huh?)...with  my mouth open like that, you might just be able to see my 6 year molars...one of them is all the way in, the other three are already coming in, woohoo!!                                                       (4/3/09)
For Easter this year, I got to color eggs twice....first with Mommy.....
....then the next day, with Daddy.....
On Easter morning (4/12/09), I woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had hidden the eggs we colored, and left me presents....including a pink duck, just like I wanted!!! :-)
I got these bunny ears a few years ago from Papa (who came over for dinner today too, and gave me an awesome singing bunny, and tons of candy, thanks, Papa!!), and I just had to try them on again, because I'm so silly :-)
I also sang a little song,
click here to see a clip ;-)
On 4/25/09, we visited the Columbus Zoo for the first time this season, and something new they have this year, are rides moved over from the old Wyandot Lake Park (which closed), I got to ride a bunch of fun stuff, including the teacups...
...and on our next visit (5/3/09), I got to ride the kids train, too, it was fun! :-)
I also got to pick out a new stuffed animal from the Zoo....can you tell why I chose this one?? Hee hee, I thought it was a Chihuahua like Chloe, but it's actually a Fox :-)
For Mother's Day this year, Daddy bought Mommy and me matching pj's, they were so cute! ;-)
(And to all the Mom's....Happy Mother's Day!!)
       5/12/09 was dress like a clown day at school, I wasn't sure what to wear, so I just dressed silly, tee hee....
Also on 5/12/09 it was warm enough to play outside, even without shoes!! :-)
And Joey and Chloe came oustide with us too, and had so much fun, they're the best of friends, awwwww :-)
On 5/25/09, I visted the Cedar Point Amusement Park with my Mommy and Daddy, and we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge....click on the picture of the Lodge to go to my Cedar Point page!
On Friday, 5/29/09, I attended my "Preschool Graduation" ceremony....here I am in my cap and gown (just my size!) I am officially ready for Kindergarten, woohoo!
My friend Chelsea and I both received our "diplomas" and we even got cute little graduation bears! At the ceremony, I said that someday I want to be a Veterinarian, and Chelsea wants to be a Chef :-)
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