Kaitlyn pics, page 30! (Jan/Feb/Mar 2009)
Last year Joey wanted to smell Mommy's anniversary roses with me, this year it was Chloe's turn! Mmmm....      (1/5/09)
I love taking pictures myself now, with Mommy's camera....I took this one of Chloe....she's so adorable! (That's what I say all the time, only it sounds like 'a-dawa-ble', tee hee)
On 1/18/09, Papa came over to watch me so Mommy and Daddy could go out to dinner....he took me to Dairy Queen, and I really liked the ice cream dessert...can you tell??? ;-)
(Thanks, Papa, for taking this pic!)
Look - proof that Chloe is really a vampire!! (She goes for the jugular every time, tee hee)
(Thanks again Papa for this pic too!)
Papa also took me to Target, and bought me this gorgeous dress....it's "Sharpay's Prom Dress" from High School Musical 3, I just love it! (I wear it every day...thanks, Papa!!)
On February 6th, 7th, and 8th, we rented a cabin near Hocking Hills. We took a lot of pictures, so we made a whole page just for those.....click on the snowy scene below to go to the cabin page! :-)
On 2/9/09, I woke up to discover my FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!!! YAY!! It's the first tooth that came in, too, pretty cool....I can't wait to lose it and get some moolah from the Tooth Fairy!! (cha-ching!) ;-)
It's 3/3/09, and no special reason for this pic, other than to wish my Mommy and Daddy a HAPPY TWENTY YEARS TOGETHER!! Today is the 20th anniversary of their very first date, on 3/3/89 (Yes, that's 20 years ago....two zero, whoa! Hee hee)
It's Wednesday, 3/18/09, and guess what...I finally lost my first tooth!!!! And I sang a little song for it too...."I lost my tooo.....ooooth, I'll get some mon....eeeeee", hee hee....
I put it under my pillow, and the Tooth Fairy gave me $5 for it, woohoo!! (Mommy says next time I'll probably only get a dollar, but that works too, yay!) ;-)
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