Kaitlyn Pics, page 29! (Nov (cont) and Dec 2008)
On Saturday, 11/29/08, I went on a real live train for the first time....it was a "Santa Train", and I couldn't wait to see him! :-)
I have on a Christmas shirt, and a necklace that lights up...I hope he likes it!!
YAY - Santa!! :-) I was so excited to see him this year, and I wasn't scared one bit (unlike last year)....I even let him pick me up!
After our visit, he gave me a candy cane, wohoo! It was so much fun, I want to go on this train next year too ;-)
By early December we finally got enough snow to go out and play in, and we found out I needed new boots - so I got some pink ones! (of course) :-)
The first thing I wanted to do was eat some snow, I just think it's so good, even if it's just frozen water!!
Yum, that's the best frozen water I ever had, tee hee......
Once it got really cold out, we noticed Chloe was shivering, so we bought her some doggie clothes :-)    We couldn't resist this pink shirt - "Puppy Love"!
The tshirt was a little thin though, so we also got her some sweaters....a pink one (on the left), and of course, a Christmas sweater!! ;-)
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