Kaitlyn Pics, Page 28! (Oct/Nov 2008)
We took Mommy out to dinner for her birthday, and I got to go too, yay! I got a brand new outfit just for the occasion, and my shoes are sparkly :-)
I'd like to introduce my new puppy - Chloe!! We got her on 10/05/08 and she's 2 months old...
She's a "Chi-Pom" - that's half Chihuahua, and half Pomeranian (like Joey!)...she's so sweet :-)
She really loves my stuffed dog, Shasta (maybe she thinks it's her Mommy!)
Out of all my 'Star Wars' Happy Meal toys, Luke Skywalker is her favorite ;-)
Joey was never interested in those toys before, but now he wants 'em!!! (Go figure)
Joey is even more protective of his own toys, especially his bones....aww, looks like he's gonna take it from Chloe.....
Nope, he decided to share....what a sweet big brother ;-)
As of 10/06/08, Chloe weighed exactly one pound, and isn't much bigger than the tv remote!
Chloe is my new best friend (next to Joey, and Mommy, and Daddy, and Papa, and Dyna, and....well, you get the idea)...but I sure do love her!! :-)
On 10/19/08, we visited a Fruit Farm...they had pumpkins and apples, and all kinds of fruits and veggies....
We even took a wagon ride to the apple orchard, and picked apples right off the trees! :-)
Hee hee, I know there's a puppy on this bed somewhere....
Trick or treat! Chloe is getting ready for Halloween :-)
Chloe and I helped decorate the house for Halloween....ok I helped by holding Chloe - it was a tough job, hee hee....
For Halloween this year, I got to go trick or treating three times, so we got lots of pics!
Click here to visit my HALLOWEEN 2008 page :-)
On 11/22/08, we went to visit family for an "early" Thanksgiving, and since we were taking Chloe with us, we gave her a bath :-)
I call this my "gangsta" outfit, yo yo ;-)
My cousin Anna and I played before dinner :-)
And after dinner (and a quick change of clothes), we were ready to play some more!
Anna, Dyna, and I are ready to eat!
Our tummies are full, so it was time to play! (again!) ;-)
It's 11/27/08, and it's the "real" turkey day....and we spent the day with my other cousins (on my Daddy's side) and it was so much fun!! Chloe had a great time too (she loves to be held, and they did a lot of that!) We had a great time!  :-)
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