Kaitlyn pics, page 27! (July/Aug/Sept 2008)
Happy 4th of July! I'm still not interested much in fireworks, but I do love cookouts, and we had one on 7/5/08 - Papa came over, and brought me this new puppy...thanks, Papa!! :-)
Before we ate, I tried out my new water gun on Daddy, hee hee.....I thought it was so funny ;-)
Woohoo, after some lunch, and some Jello/Cool Whip cake, I had enough energy for a real water battle!
Whoa, check out the water gun that Papa brought over - I figured out how to use it all by myself!!
After all that running around for our water fight (which was a blast!!), I discovered there was water in this cooler too - like a swimming pool - and I fit, hee hee!
Poor Joey, he had to hide under the table all afternoon - he was smart to hide, or he'd be soaked!
On Friday, 7/25/08, my Mommy and I went to Daddy's office for a visit :-)
One of his co-workers gave me a whole pack of cookies, all to myself - YUMMY! (Thanks, 'Uncle' Mike!)
Mike also gave me a Mickey Mouse lollipop (yay!), and another co-worker gave me this pretty 'Lady and the Tramp' pen - I just love it! (Thanks, 'Auntie' Vickie!) :-)
We were reaaaalllyy high up, but it didn't phase me - I'd walk right up to the edge of the window and look down...which made my Mommy really really nervous, I wonder why? ;-)
On August 1st, 2008, I headed to the Ohio State Fair with Mommy, Papa, and Dyna - we're ready for some fun!
Our first ride of the day was the 'Pumpkins' - it was fun, but we're ready for more :-)
Yay, the 'Gator coaster' - I was too short to ride it last year, so Dyna had to go alone....I'm still just a tad short this year, but the guy let me go anyway....WHEEEEEE!
This was a new ride for this year - the 'Bumper Boats', but Dyna was too tall for it, so I had to ride it by myself...
We both were able to ride the 'Construction Trucks', they were fun too....
....but we really loved the 'Nascar whip' ride - we laughed a lot on this one :-)
We posed in this same sign last year, and it's still funny :-)
Next we got on the 'Frog Hopper', and the ride operator let us go twice in a row - just like last year - woohoo! (We didn't even have to say 'ribbit' this year, hee hee)
Then we took a break for lunch, and hugs :-)
And got a massage for our tired feet.....
Our day wouldn't be complete without some (drum roll please)....COTTON CANDY! WOOHOO!
Then we headed home to swim and cool off - and two popsicles did the trick too....yummy :-) We had a blast at the Fair (again)!!
On 8/22/08, I went with my Mommy to COSI (Center of Science and Industry) for the very first time :-)
I saw lots of exhibits, including this one, where each button made a different "body" sound - I thought it was hilarious!! ;-)
We also found a screen where you could "finger paint"....
.... so I wrote my name :-)
We also checked out the "Power Plant" room....
....where I could affect the electrical current with just my voice, it was fun!
We had a great time at COSI, and I can't wait to go back someday! :-)
On 9/6/08 we visited the Tomato Festival again, but this year it didn't rain, and I got to ride a lot! Including the 'Flintstones' cars again, and I picked 'Dino' again, just like last year :-)
I also played this bean bag toss game, and I made it!
As my prize, I picked this pink bear, she's so fuzzy!
Check out my brand new bed! I finally outgrew my toddler bed, and we got a new "big girl bed" - woohoo! (I'm super high up, but thank goodness for guard rails) :-)
It takes me a while to actually stay in bed now (it's just too exciting...I feel like the 'Princess and the Pea')- but once I do finally fall asleep, I'm out all night!! ;-)
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