Kaitlyn pics, page 26! (Apr/May/June 2008)
April was a slow month for pics (other than from Disney), but we just had to show this picture - yep, it's what it looks like - SNOW, and this is on April 29th....yikes!! :-)
Fast forward to Mother's Day, 5/11/08, and Daddy and I bought Mommy this figurine - doesn't it look familiar? It looks like me dressed as Cinderella! Holding Mickey Mouse.....Mommy just loved it (yay) ;-)
Please can I go to dinner with you guys for Mother's Day?? Please, please? I promise I'll be good! :-)
See how good I'm being? Told you I'd be nice....hey wait, is that a sugar packet over there.......(uh oh)....
SUGAR BUZZ!!!! Oh boy, I'd better calm down and eat my dinner or they'll never take me with them again!! ;-)
There, that's better, whew, I hope I redeemed myself so that they'll take me with them for Father's Day next month :-)
And to all the Mom's out there....
On May 24th, 2008, we visited my Grandma, Aunt Marla, and everyone, and my favorite part of the trip was my Scooby-Doo pushup - I just love those! :-)
I love to eat 'em, AND wear 'em, hee hee!
Before we left for home, Joey and I got to play one last time at the park :-)
My favorite thing at the park was the balance beam....took a few tries, but I finally got all the way across, woohoo!
For Father's Day this year, we took Daddy to the 'Spaghetti Warehouse', but once again, my favorite part of the meal was - the ice cream, woohoo! :-)
We also went up to visit Papa, and guess what we had - more ice cream!! (Italian ice, actually - it was yummy - thanks, Papa!)
Back at Papa's house, I asked him to spin me around and around in his chair - boy was I dizzy!!
Don't these shoes look perfect with my dress? Tee hee, they're my Daddy's!! (In case you couldn't tell) I'm so silly :-)

And to all the Dad's out there:
It's 6/21/08 which means summer is here - woohoo!! And that means the start of 'fair' season - our first one this year was the Gahanna carnival - when we came here 2 years ago, the only ride I would go on was the carousel - but not this year - I rode everything I could! :-)
And two years ago (at the tomato festival, on video page 4, clip 16) I wanted to go in the jumping tent, but was too scared to jump...not anymore - I had fun trying to get higher and higher...
And before we left, I played a duck game, and I won (wow, what are the odds, hee hee). For my prize I chose this Spongebob doll ;-)

Also, before we left, I had to get cotton candy - guess which color?
Click here to watch the clip
Summer means fairs, and also swimming pools, yay! Daddy got my pool all set up and I used it for the first time today (6/22/08). It was a little chilly, but still fun...and I got to wear my new TinkerBell swimsuit :-)
We also got our chalk and paints out, and I made footprints on the patio.....
...when I walked away, I left prints there too, tee hee....
On Tuesday, 6/24/08, I went with Mommy and Daddy down to Kings Island ('cause it wasn't too hot yet, and it wasn't going to rain)....I even got to ride my very first "real" roller coaster (yay!)....click here to see some pics from that day...
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