Kaitlyn pics, page 25! (Jan/Feb/March 2008)
Hey, Joey, don't you think these flowers, that Daddy got Mommy for their anniversary, sure smell good?
Mmmm...... (and they're so pretty too)               (1/5/08)
The next day, on 1/6/08, it was actually warm enough to ride
my bike (as long as I had on my hat!) :-)
It's 2/3/08 - February already!! (Sorry, it's been a slow month for pics) :-) But let's start out the month with some fun... EXTREME BUBBLES!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Hee hee.....
For Valentine's Day this year, I got a brand new Princess ball - isn't it pretty? Those are my two favorites, Belle and Ariel, but Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora were on the other side (my other three favorites, hee hee!) :-)      2/14/08
On 2/20/08, after a pretty snowfall (almost 2 inches), I just had to taste some of the snow - mmmmm, yummy like a snowcone!! (Mommy tried to tell me it's just water, but I don't believe her, tee hee) :-)
Ok, I know we already had a bubble pic this month - but I think we outdid ourselves!!!! Extreme, exTREME,  EXTREEEEEEEEME BUBBBBBLLLEESSSS!!!!!!
Heee heeee heeee........                                     2/23/08
On March 8th, 2008, we had a record snowfall - 20 inches!!!! It's the most since 1910 (at least that's what the guy on tv said) - we might have been trapped at home, but I sure had fun playing outside!! :-)
The next day, 3/9/08, the snow had stopped, and the sun was even out - so I went outside to help Daddy shovel the snow :-)    Click here to see a clip of it!
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