Kaitlyn pics, page 24! (Nov/Dec 2007)
On 11/20/07, we tried to go see Santa, but unlike last year, I wasn't as thrilled this time to sit on his lap...
(In fact I had to be bribed just to sit on this rocking chair!! You can tell by the terrified look on my face) :-)
And what was I bribed with - a trip to Build-A-Bear of course (just happens to be in the same mall) - so I got Bunita a 'Snow White' outfit just like mine!
For Thanksgiving this year, we went over to my cousin Dyna's house, and we had an awesome time :-)
And no Thanksgiving would be complete without pie (of course!) - yummmmm......(looks like pumpkin, but it was really sweet potato pie - mmmm delish) ;-)
I chickened out at our Santa visit - but it's ok, because I have an inside scoop - I'll just send Santa's Little Helper to the North Pole to tell the big guy what I want (who could resist this face?? Hee hee)
On 12/5/07, my preschool held its first Winter Concert - my class practiced for weeks, and I really loved dressing up and singing - but I didn't quite remember the "choreography" - click here to see a clip :-)
My favorite part of the whole night was the free cookies, yumm!! (Those, and the fact that my parents took my through McDonald's for a Happy Meal afterwards, yum again) :-)
On 12/21/07 I went with my Mommy and Daddy to have sushi at a real restaurant ;-)  ....I wasn't excited about the sushi, but I sure did love the edamame (soybeans) - I ate a lot of them!
After lunch, we went to see the Holiday Train, just like last year. This time I wasn't disappointed that it wasn't purple or pink - I thought it was really cool :-)
Hey Joey, can you tell by my crown what today is? Right - it's my birthday! (My crown says "Birthday Girl") It's 12/23/07 and I'm four years old today :-)
We went up to my Papa's for a "mini" party today - he had cake, ice cream, and donuts - yummy! And I had a "Princess Party" last weekend, on 12/15/07 - click here to visit my Princess Party Page!
And of course, just 2 days after my birthday, comes another special day - Christmas! (Yay, more presents!) Click here to visit my Christmas 2007 page :-)
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