Kaitlyn pics, page 23! (Sept/Oct 2007)
Before we start this page, we have a very sad announcement, that Katie's maternal Great Grandmother, Donna Bresson, passed away on September 9th, 2007. We were shocked and deeply saddened over this loss, and love her so much - she will be overwhelmingly missed by many.

To honor her memory, here are a few of the last pictures that were taken of Katie with her Great Grandma, back on Easter Sunday, 4/8/07. We will keep her in our hearts forever....
Thank you for everything, Grandma....we miss you so much.....
On 9/3/07 I celebrated Labor Day with one last swim in my pool, before it gets too cold :-)
Joey even took a dip too....(at least his legs did, hee hee)
After swimming, I laid out in the sun for a while.....
(special thanks to Papa for this pic)
....but Joey was ready to run and run and run (on those skinny little wet legs!)
Aaahhhh....the sun makes me so sleepy.....zzzzzzzz......
On 9/8/07 we tried to go to the Tomato Festival, but it was raining - the good news was, I got to use my Princess umbrella, yay!
I did get to ride a few things at least, including this "Flintstone" car (I chose 'Dino'), it went fast and was really fun :-)
And of course, since it was a Tomato Festival, we had some fried green tomatoes, and some tomato juice! Yumm.....
For the weekend of 10/5/07, we went down to a cabin we'd rented in the Hocking Hills area - here I am by the pond right behind the cabin - Daddy even showed me how to fish in it! (But all we caught were leaves, doh!)
The weather was too hot to start a campfire, but we made s'mores by roasting marshmallows on the grill, hee hee - they were just as yummy :-)
On Saturday, 10/6, we went over to see 'Old Man's Cave' - don't I look ready to go cave spelunkin? ;-)
Here I am in the "spooky cave", as I kept calling it....
After all that hiking and climbing, we took a break in the hot tub at the cabin - these jets are fun, wheeee!!
Joey really wanted to get in the hot tub too, but he wasn't allowed (poor doggie!) :-)
But, he did have fun with us outback while we tried to pop some popcorn on the grill  -
Katie entertained us, click here for a video! And she made Joey fall asleep, click here!
On Saturday, 10/20/07, the weather was just perfect to go to a local pumpkin farm - so we did!
They had lots of activites for kids - I got to ride this donkey, named Sadie (hey, that rhymes with Katie, cool!)......
.....and a tractor too!
BOO!!! (Hee hee, I'm so scary)
Ok, time to get serious, and pick some pumpkins....
Yay, I found a good one all by myself! Can't wait to let Mommy or Daddy carve it :-)
It's 10/31/07, Halloween, and time for trick or treat - this juice will give me energy to get ready :-)
And here I am, all ready to go! Since July, I've been saying I want to be the "Barbie Bride", and I never changed my mind (whew!)....Bunita is my "groom"....I'm so silly!
We put out some decorations for trick or treat night - our "floating" heads, and a plug in jack-o-lantern....
And here they are after it finally got dark out....
These are the pumpkins we carved this year - the one in the middle is the one I picked at the pumpkin farm...it's a special carving - can you tell who it is?
TA-DA! It's Belle! (Not easy to carve, but worth it) :-)
Come on, Bunita, time to trick or treat....
Trick or treating sure is fun, but whew, I'm beat... let's go home! ;-) (Thanks to Papa for taking this pic)
Woohoo, look at all the candy! Special thanks to Papa for trick or treating with us again this year, we had so much fun!!
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