Kaitlyn pics, page 22! (July/Aug 2007)
It's 7/1/07 (Happy July!) and we just got a 'Little Mermaid' waterslide for the backyard....
...at first both Joey and I thought it was just a big drinking fountain!!! Click here to see a clip of me
playing in it
.... :-)
...but I finally figured it out, with Daddy's help! WHEEE!!!! (Lookout, Joey!!) ;-)
On 7/6/07, we took a trip up to Niagara Falls, in Ontario, Canada, to visit my Aunt Jamie and her family - we had a fantastic time - click here to visit the picture pages from that trip!
On 7/20/07, I went over to visit my cousin Anna for her birthday, and I wanted to play with her right away!! (I couldn't wait!) :-)
The next day we went to the movies (my first time at a real movie theater!), and then we had lunch at Chik-Fil-A, and played in the play place there (so much fun!!)
And of course - my favorite part of every birthday - the CAKE!! Mmmmm...Happy 5th Birthday, Anna - I had so much fun! :-)
On August 10th, 2007, my cousin Dyna and I went to the Ohio State Fair with my Mommy, and Grandpa Dan (Papa)....we both loved this ride - the bumblebee! :-)
I sure hope someone breaks us out of this jail, so we can ride some more..... ;-)
Yay, we're out of jail! We loved this ride too - and the ride operator was super nice - she let us go on it a few extra times, woohoo! All we had to promise her was that we'd say "Ribbitt...ribbitt....ribbitt..." as we came down...
Click here to see a clip! :-)
We did have a great time - but I wouldn't look up for the picture, wonder what I was looking at?? (Maybe the cotton candy stand, hee hee.....)
Yay - cotton candy!! And not just pink - it was blue, yellow, AND pink, yippee!! (Dyna and I each got our own, too, we were so excited) :-) Thanks, Papa, for going with us - we had a blast!!
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