Kaitlyn pics, page 18! (Nov/Dec 2006)
Happy November! On 11/11/06 my cousin Dyna came over to play in my new toy room....first we did markers....
....and then we played ball, it was so much fun :-)
On 11/17/06 we tried to go see Santa, but he wasn't there yet, so Mommy & Daddy bought me this bunny instead (ah, the power of guilt!)...we'll try to see Santa again next week....
Yay! On 11/21/06 I got to sit on Santa's lap for the very first time!! My shirt said "I <heart> Santa" and he said he liked it, and I even gave him a hug - I think I scored lots of brownie points this year :-)
It's 11/23/06 -
For Turkey Day this year, we went up to Great Grandma's house - we had lots of great food and lots of fun!
Good thing I found this horsey in her basement to burn off all those calories I ate - my favorite foods this year were butter (yep, just plain ol' butter), and whipped cream (who needs pie?)....I also had turkey, ham, potatoes, and green bean casserole...mmmm......
On 12/04/06 I got to pick out some new slippers at the store - guess which pair I chose (can you tell I like bunnies???) Hee hee.....
We finally had some snow on 12/9/06, woohoo! Not much, but enough to "play" in - click here to see a clip of me walking in it...
It's too cold, BRRR!! Let's go in!! :-)
And on 12/21/06 we went to see a holiday train display - I liked it, but I was hoping they'd be a different color - click here to see a clip of me at the display!
On 12/23/06 I turned THREE YEARS OLD, YAY!!!!
Click here for my 3rd Birthday Page!! :-)
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