Kaitlyn pics, page 17! (Sept/Oct 2006)
It's September, and that means 3 things....
1) Cooler weather, 2) the leaves will be changing soon,
and 3) FOOTBALL SEASON is here!!!

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September also means celebrating the "end of summer"/Labor Day holiday, with my cousin Dyna - time for more watermelon, yummm.....           9/4/06
On 9/9/06, we went to the Tomato Festival, which is basically a fair, with tomatoes, hee hee. But, I got to ride another pony, wohoo!! His name was 'Taffy', and he was the smallest - I wasn't even afraid one bit this time...he was so sweet...
...and they also had a "jumping bean" ride (that I kept calling the 'jelly bean'), and I was excited to get in it, but then didn't know what to do....finally a few more kids came in with me and showed me how to jump...click here to see a clip of that!
It's 10/1/06 - HBD to Mommy - Cheers!
Where's the cake...
Mmmm...there it is...Dyna and I can hardly wait...
                            (and we didn't!) :-)
Yay, this is more like it - more cake please!!
Eeeeeks! Tickle monster!! Can someone say "Sugar Buzz"??!!?? HEE HEE HEE (and then we had more cake, woohoo!)
On 10/7/06 I went to a pumpkin farm with Mommy, Daddy, and Grandpa (Papa), so we could pick our own pumpkins - I wanted a little one, but I thought this bigger one was perfect for Papa!
We also went on a hayride, I was so excited!
During our hayride, we stopped to pick apples right off the trees - this little red one was just the right size for me :-)
Woohoo, I finally found the perfect pumpkin!! Oh wait, it's just Daddy's head, HEE HEE (just kidding, Daddy!)
On 10/29/06, Papa came over to help us carve pumpkins - I drew the face I wanted, and Papa carved it out (or at least his interpretation of it!!) :-)
Whew, carving is hard work - even if you're only watching - I just had to take a break ;-)
As of this month, I was finally ready for my "big girl bed" - I love it!! :-)
(Oh, and I forgot to mention, as of September 19th, 2006, I'm potty trained!!! I've had a few little accidents, and I still wear a pull up to bed, but I wake up dry almost every morning! No more diapers for me - YAY!)
(Please note, the Halloween 2006 page needs to be rebuilt (doh!)....hopefully soon)
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