Kaitlyn pics, page 16! (July/Aug 2006)
July is here, and I'm feeling cool in my purple shades - they match my purple shirt!      7/2/06
Yay, I'm back to visit my old friend the horsey! He's almost as much fun as the whale....hee hee...
Happy 4th of July!! I'm still too little for fireworks, but getting pushed around in my pink car sure is a blast!!
I even go to do wheeles - woohoo!!!!    7/4/06
(special thanks to Papa for taking this pic!)
It's 7/19/06 and I feel like dancin' ;-)
(I'm a maniac on the floor....)
I love my Happy Meal toys so much, I give them hugs and kisses :-)
7/23/06 - Happy 4th Birthday, Anna!! :-) It's so hot out now, we have to take breaks at the park...thank goodness for the breeze....aaaahhh...
Chyna's been feeling a little sick lately, but she still loves to have tea parties with me! (and Mrs. Bunny, and Mr. Pony)               7/25/06
Papa brought my cousin Dyna over to play, and we kept cool with our baby pool, water guns, and sprinkler, it was fun!                                 7/29/06
(special thanks to Papa for this pic!)
Wheeee!! Higher Papa, higher! (I need the breeze just to keep cool, tee hee hee....)
It's 8/5/06 and I'm feeling "blue" today - even my popsicle matches.....click here for a clip!
On 8/6/06 I took my very first trip to the Ohio State Fair, YAY! I rode the merry-go-round first, but then also decided I was brave enough to ride some others - like this one, the "elephants"....here's a clip of me riding it, and paying attention to everything but Mommy! Click here to see the clip
Next we cooled off with a fruit bar popsicle, and some lemonade.....mmmm, yummy :-)
After cooling off, I was brave enough to try the "alligators"....
...and then the "goldfish" ride - here's a clip of me riding that one too (Click here for the clip)
We had so much fun that day!!! (special thanks to Papa for going with us, and taking these pics!)
On 8/12/06 we went back to the Fair again (Daddy got free tickets, woohoo!) :-) And this time I rode a train...
...a merry-go-round horsey....
...and a real horsey!!! At first I was afraid to ride this pony, but by the end, I didn't want to leave him - I even gave him a hug goodbye :-)
Yep this is what it looks like - another trip to another fair, and another train - choo choo! :-)
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