Kaitlyn pics - page 15! (Apr/May/June 2006)
It's 4/2/06 and finally warm enough to get ice cream - who needs a spoon when you can just smash it right into your face! Hee hee, actually I did use some spoons too - click here to see the ice cream store video :-)
Next we went to feed some ducks and geese - but I had a hard time giving up my goldfish crackers!! (that's all we had, 'cause Mommy forgot the bread, doh!)
Thanks for lending me your glasses, Papa - why does everyone keep calling me 'Chicken Little'? I'm not a chicken, I'm a bear - Katie-Bear :-)               4/2/06
It's 4/16/06 - Happy Easter! Just what is it about Easter that makes me wanna stick my tongue out - must be all the sugar - yippee! Next to Halloween, Easter is the best holiday to get tons of candy, yummm....(thanks Easter Bunny!)
Can you tell I'm having fun with my Papa?? Or maybe it's still all that sugar in my system, hee hee...
Chicken Little strikes again!! (I just can't help myself, I just love Papa's glasses....I especially love smudging them up...)
p.s. that's my cousin Dyna in the background, we had so much fun up at Great-Grandma's :-)
I told my Daddy that I wanted a hat like his (he wears a baseball cap when we're outside), but when we got to the store, this is the one I picked out!! Of course we filmed me wearing it - click here for the video!
It was tough to keep on my  hat while I was swinging, but it was still fun - we filmed that too (go figure!) - click here for the swinging "wheeee!" video :-)
On 4/23/06 we went to my new favorite park, right near our house - I just love this slide!
At that same park, I also got to ride a whale, a horse, and drive a car - woohoo! And don't forget the video (of course!) - click here to see which one was my favorite....
It's 4/30/06 - Happy Birthday Papa!!! On our way to the restaurant, I had fun doodling on this school bus I found at his house :-)
May has finally arrived, and that means sandal weather is here, woohoo! I'm an expert at taking them off, but I'm still working on putting them on....click here to see a clip of me trying!   5/4/06
I'm pretty opinionated about what I want to wear now, and I thought this outfit was perfect, I even had a Dora diaper on to match, tee hee....Chyna thought I looked fantastic, good doggie :-)                                  5/9/06
Why do I look so mad? Maybe it's because I don't fit under this table as well as I used to, doh!!!
It's 5/14/06 - Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! While we waited for Grandma and Grandpa to come over, I played with magnets on the fridge - one of my favorite things to do. I especially love counting them - click here to see a clip!
It's 5/28/06, Memorial Day weekend - so Grandpa brought Dyna over for a cookout. It was hot enough outside to swim (yay!), so.....we did! We had so much fun....
The next day, Mommy promised we'd go horseback riding...who knew this is what she meant?? tee hee...
June is here! Today is June 7th, and the funniest thing happened - Mommy came to pick me up from school, and she didn't see me at first - she looked and looked, but I was right there - with a ponytail in my hair!! First time anyone had ever done that to it (my hair's still pretty short)...this was just like what happened when they first shaved off all of Chyna's fur, instead of just trimming it...('Oh, what a cute doggie that is....wait a minute....that's MY dog!! AAAAAHHH!!(way way back in 1992, whoa! hee hee))
So now Mommy thinks she can do my hair anyway she wants (but it's still too short!)....check out my little pigtails :-) And yep, that's sand in my hands....Daddy built me a sandbox, and I love to throw sand at Mommy....click here to see a clip!     6/12/06
It's June 16th and I've figured out how to fill up my pool - I'm so serious when I'm "working" - I wouldn't even smile! Click here to see a clip ;-)
On 6/17/06 we went to a local fair, and I had cotton candy for the first time - I really liked it, go figure! Mommy took some pics of me, and one video by mistake, hee hee...click here to see it
It's 6/18/06 - Happy Father's Day Daddy!! And Papa too - we went up to see him, and this is my 'ornery' face....getting into all the "new" toys at his house is just like having a cotton candy sugar buzz :-)
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