Kaitlyn pics - Page 14! (Jan/Feb/Mar 2006)
Wow, it's New Year's Eve and I'm still opening presents! Is this the best time of year or what ;-)                      12/31/05
Mmmmm, this crayon looks good enough to eat! (and in about 2 seconds, that's exactly what I'm going to do with it, hee hee....)
Some people say eating pork is good luck on New Year's Day, but for me, it's ice cream - actually, that's good luck for me any day!!             1/1/06
All that ice cream gave me energy to do some serious coloring - if you ask me which color is my favorite, I'll say "purple!", but I think every color is purple, tee hee :-)
Mmmm, Daddy bought Mommy roses for their anniversary, and they smelled so good!      1/5/06
As a little princess, I have to practice my 'Princess wave'!
Bunny and I went to my cousin Dyna's 5th birthday party on 1/21/06 - silly Bunny, he's such a party animal ;-)   (that's my hair in the corner!)
I had so much fun playing on Dyna's little piano, the stuffed animals and dolls in the toy room all thought I was awesome!
"Encore! Encore!"....hee hee you guys are so silly :-)
I decided to try out our new air mattress by jumping up and down on it (that's what they're for, right??) - boy was it fun - I laughed so hard I fell right over - check out all those teeth!!
Look what it did to my hair - it was standing straight up!! Mommy couldn't stop laughing at me ;-)               1/23/06
It's Saturday, 1/28/06, and we went to the play area at the mall with Papa - the tunnels were my favorite part!! :-)
(special thanks to Papa for taking this pic)
I like to call this one 'Got Milk?' ;-)
(or maybe it should say 'got cookies??')             2/1/06
My cousin Anna came to visit on 2/4/06, and we had so much fun!! :-)
(special thanks to Aunt Marla for taking these pics!)
Happy Birthday to....NOBODY!! Tee hee hee, every day is a party for us...
(girls just wanna have fun, ya know? woohoo!!)
Anna also gave me a bunch of clothes that are too small for her - but they fit me, and my favorite color too - pink!! Yay :-)                                       2/12/06
Wheeee! Playing horsey is so much fun!
This picture is also from the mall, in my favorite ride - the school bus! I didn't like any of the other rides, just this one :-)                                                   2/26/06

(it was cropped from a video clip, so it's a little blurry and smaller than a real photo.....)
Click here to see a few short videos of me - the first is where I'm "singing" my abc's with Mommy (in my own way, of course!), and the other is in a tunnel at the play area at the mall....(please note, these clips have sound!) :-)

Click here for the abc's clip (2/18/06)

Click here for the tunnel clip (2/26/06)
It's bus driver Katie! I even figured out how to put the quarters in all by myself....
It's 3/17/06 - Happy St Patrick's Day!
I'm pretending I'm as small as a leprechaun, so that I can fit inside my Little People House - this is a shot of me through the window of it :-)
On 3/18/06 we went to my friend's 2nd birthday party at Magic Mountain - this was my favorite ride!
...I also liked the big gym - I could get lost in here :-)
(and almost did!)
And these are from a video clip of me riding the Ernie & Bert fire engine...I knew just what to do...
First, get the token...
...then put the token in the slot...
...and hold on tight!!! Here we go....
(to see the actual video, click here) :-) 3/18/06
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