Kaitlyn pics - page 13! (Nov/Dec 2005)
It's pretty easy to tell what I'm watching here...hmmm, blank stare...hypnotized look - must be ELMO!! (and it is) ;-)    11/7/05
I just got my "school" pictures for this year (they take 'em at daycare), and we compared last year's to this year's - what a difference a year makes!!
(Left - 11/2004)                                         (Right - 11/2005)
How did they get that picture of me on my shirt??
(when Mommy asks who's on my shirt, I say "Katie!", I refer to myself in the third person, just like Elmo, hee hee...)                             11/14/05
Yay! Elmo made it out of Grouchland!! Whew, I was worried there for a minute...('Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland' is my favorite movie right now...when it's not on I yell 'Elmo! Grouchland!') :-)
It's 11/23/05, and I'm 23 months today! I look nervous 'cause I'll be two years old in just a month, yikes!! I'll be a big girl....hmmm, maybe it's Mommy & Daddy who should be nervous ;-)
The snowstorm on Thanksgiving might have canceled our Turkey Day plans, but it didn't stop us from having fun - HIGH FIVE Daddy!! ;-)             11/25/05
I think I'll ask Santa for one of these Doodle things like my cousin has, it was so much fun!
Poor geese, they kept landing on this frozen pond - they should fly south like the rest of the birdies!
It might be too cold to play outside, but being pulled around in this laundry basket is just as much fun, woohoo!!   12/2/05
Either I'm practicing how to drink out of a straw, or Mommy put lemon juice instead of orange juice in my cup!!                                                       12/12/05
It's 12/16/05 and I had my 24 month checkup today - so why am I smiling?? I weighed 25 lbs, 9 oz, and I'm 33 1/4 inches tall - that's just about 50th percentile - I'm average!!!! Hee hee, I knew I would catch up eventually, yay ;-)
As a reward for being so good at the doctor, I got my own bag of chips and a whole container of dip! (tee hee, not really, but that's what it looks like!!) :-)
Mommy and I built this gumdrop tree together - wow, instant access to candy whenever I want, woohoo!!            12/18/05
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