Kaitlyn Pics - Page 12! (Sept/Oct 2005)
What do you mean this isn't a place to sit, it's a perfect fit! :-)                                          9/1/05
Guess what, it's time for football season, yay! Click here to go to my
Ohio State Buckeyes page - Go Bucks!
This looks like a fun way to go down the
slide..... :-)                                    9/1/05
WHEEEE!!! I made it!!
Ok Mommy and Daddy, playtime is over - time to go in!! (I look so serious, the slide wore me out!)
Check out my cheeks, they're as pink as my bunny's ears! (and nope, it's not blush, although I do love to get into Mommy's makeup) :-)
Yummy, goldfish crackers - or as I like to say "ish acka" immediately followed by "more", which is my favorite word - at least when it comes to food :-)
My belly's full, time for a nap - just cover me up and I'll say "nite nite!" hee hee                          9/19/05
It's 9/23/05 and you know what that means, I'm 21 months today, yay!! I'm happy about that, but I'm more happy because I just stole the remote, woohoo :-)
My stuffed rabbit (or as I call him, "Bunny"), likes my new pink bunny slippers, tee hee....
I love my new pony (and I do call him 'pony' but it sounds exactly like 'bunny', hee hee) - I can even get up on it all by myself!!                                   9/29/05
I might look innocent here, but that's the cord to Mommy's laptop in my hand, and I'm slowly pulling it towards me - I'm so ornery!!!!!
(Mommy stopped me, of course) ;-)
The sticker monster strikes again!! ;-)             (or as I call them, 'steekas')              10/15/05
                     Extreme Close Up!!!!!
(poor Mommy, it's not easy get pics of me anymore,
I'm quick, hee hee)                                         10/17/05
It's 10/23/05, and I'm 22 months today! To celebrate, I got a whole bowl full of whipped cream , yum yum!!
(hmmm, that means I'll be 2 years old in just 2 short months...yikes!!) :-)
I think these 2 shirts say it all....they describe me perfectly!!!! :-)
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