Kaitlyn pics, page 11! (July/Aug 2005)
Hi! It's 7/1/05 and my new potty just arrived!!! Hmmm, something tells me this isn't how you use it, D'OH!! ;-)
PEEK-A-BOO!!!! (I love this game!)
WHEEEE!! My new slide is so much fun :-)
Happy 4th of July!! I'm still too little for fireworks (I slept through all of 'em) but we had a bbq, and I swam in my baby pool, and of course got to play on my new slide some more, woohoo! I was exhausted :-)              (7/4/05)
I'm super cool in my new shades (now if I'd only keep them on outside where I need them!!) ;-)
Ahhhh, this dog bed is so comfy.....zzzzzzz.....
(Chyna doesn't use it, so I might as well!) :-)
Today is 7/23/05 (Happy 3rd Birthday Anna!!!) and I'm 19 months today, woohoo! Mommy and Daddy went to a restaurant called "Haiku" and they made up their own haiku about me:
      Katie is our girl
      19 months she is today
      She can say "doggie"
Hee hee!! The waiter liked it so much he hung it on the wall ;-)
I've just recently started "cleaning" everything, Mommy and Daddy call me "Monica" (from 'Friends', she was obsessed with cleaning!) :-)
I don't like socks on my feet, I pull them off whenever I get the chance!! ;-)
Seriously!! I wasn't kidding!! I hate socks!! (hee hee)    8/3/05
Mmm, nothin' like ice cream on a hot August day!    8/7/05
This "book" about toys is awesome - I want that one, and that one, and this one.... ;-)                       8/14/05
Ok I'll just wait here until all those new toys show up!!!
It's 8/23/05 and I'm 20 months today, woohoo!!
I finally found the most comfortable seat in the house to read my new book, tee hee hee :-)
Ahhh, the life of a toddler....sometimes I'm dirty.....
(nice goatee, huh?)                                             8/25/05
....and sometimes I'm clean! :-)                      8/30/05
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